About Us



    Behind the scene of the new emerging fashion house of NISAA is a creative individual with a deep passion for innovating ladies fashion. With an upbringing of rich Afghan Culture integrated with western influence, Neelab Safi is the Founder and Creative Director of NISAA, launched in 2011. NISAA epitomizes the feminine, glamorous yet modest design of the modern era and diversifies and fulfils the requirement of women looking for unique yet classy, attire across a broad aesthetically pleasing spectrum. Renowned for elegant evening dresses, a plethora of special-occasion garments and stunning accessories for an alluring signature style. The ethereal designs of NISAA are exhibited by the fine detail of hand crafting each piece receives. Specifications of details are imperative with the techniques utilised and inspiration gathered from various regions around the globe in order to create luxury dresses. The NISAA collection is currently retailed online and has recently re-launched a new revitalized website, distributing from the heart of fashion capital London, UK. The journey of NISAA and the design ideology is set to amplify, renovating the existing modest perspective to a stylish chic lifestyle.